3 Tips For Building Your Client List From The Ground Up

Alright Golda, I just started my home based business and my company has emails that I can send to people, why do I need a list?” Anyone ever ask you that question? Perhaps you’ve asked that question yourself. Well in a nutshell, you want to have your own list because it is YOURS. You can take it with you where ever you go. You never have to fear losing your well established relationships if your company folds or you decide that it is no longer home.

You will want to read this article if you are brand spanking new to your home based business or if you need to build your list from scratch and build it fast. You will have three simple but powerful tips that you can start implementing tomorrow if not today.

The first tip is to utilize the power of the phone to host your own free weekly conference call. I know you may be thinking “HELLO, I am brand new to this who would possibly want to get on a conference call with me?” I would, if the topic were of interest to me. You job at this point to identify what people in your niche want to hear. You can find the answer to this by doing some research. Use social media (Facebook and Twitter) to see what people are talking about. You can also do some keyword research to see what people are searching for everyday. Now that you have your answer, find an expert in that area and interview them. For example, if people in your niche want to know about copywriting, find the expert copywriter and ask for the interview. You may be surprised to know how easy this is and that there are influential people who are more than willing to be interviewed by you. They don’t need to know that you are a newbie. Remember, it’s all about your posture. People love interviews and have build very profitable careers off of them. Can we say Oprah Winfrey? Now that you have your interview scheduled, you can promote it and have people register before they get the call in details. You can build a huge list from your free weekly interviews with the experts.

The second tip to build a huge client list is to host a tele-summit. I have seen this being utilized by many people over the last few months. A tele-summit is basically a conference call on steroids. You have a lineup of speakers over the course of a weekend or week. I’ve even seen some extend as long a month with a different speaker each night. Get this…it’s completely free for your attendees, all they have to do is register. Now you may be wondering why on earth a prominent leader would agree to take part in a free tele-summit. Well you can and should give them the opportunity to sell their product at the end of the call if they have one. The speaker gets exposure to a new audience, yours, and you are positioning yourself as a leader. I won’t even mention the various products that you can create and sell to your list. This is definitely on my list building strategies to implement!

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