Work-At-Home Medical Job Opportunities

The medical profession, like most other industries, has identified a number of required services that can be provided by nurses and administrative aides at their residence. These administrators provide valuable services from their laptop or desktop computer and greatly help reduce the overhead of the hospital or treatment center.

These jobs offer excellent compensation. Most of these outsourcing initiatives are at fixed rates but some employers offer hourly wages. There are at-home jobs for nurses, doctors, transcriptionists, and much more. In any case, for the healthcare professional that needs to work at home, there are jobs, good jobs.

Medical transcription at home jobs are plentiful. Many companies employ at-home transcriptionists. Most of these companies require some workplace experience and transcriptionist certification that is not difficult to obtain.

Below are samples of companies that offer at-home outsourcing medical services.

Paradigm Health Services – Paradigm hires licensed nurses in Tennessee, Mississippi, North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Louisiana and Georgia for full and part-time positions. Their at-home jobs are primarily tele-communication health positions.

MedQuist – Medquist provides more broad-based positions in the areas of transcription, coding and medical support positions. Transcriptionists are required to have a minimum of one year of work experience as a medical transcriptionist or must be a recent graduate of

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