Free Video Editing Software Secrets

For the beginning home video editor, the free video editing programs are an easy and attractive way to start learning the video editing process. All of the programs can do basic editing and some of them are capable of advanced editing. The key to free movie editing software is ease of use. When you are just starting out, you should use the free video editing software that came with your computer until you reach a point where you either need to pay for an upgrade or you feel you need an entirely different platform that is more suited to your editing needs.

While you are learning to edit on your free software, you will begin to learn how difficult the program is to use and what you really want your editing program to do for you. Editing is a profoundly individual experience and it is important that you find a program that fits well with what type of editing you are doing. While you learn your free video editing software spend the time to research the available video editing programs and see which ones best suit your needs.

For those that have newer computers that run on Windows XP, Microsoft Moviemaker will already be on the computer. Movie Maker is probably the best free video editing software program. It has drag and drop features that simplify editing. This program will meet all your beginning needs and if you choose to stay with it, add-ons and upgrades are available through the website for a fee. The key words here are for a fee! When you compare prices, it just might be better for you to pay for a program rather than be nickel and dimed for upgrades on free software. Once again, it all depends on how often you use your editing program, and what skill level you attain.

For those of you with MACS, Apple iMovie is comparable to Windows Movie Maker and comes with the system. Apple iMovie offers a lot of advanced features and add-ons. This free video editing software is only free if it comes with your MAC computer. If it didn’t come with your computer it falls into the you must pay to get it category.

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