Cannabis smoking

Cannabis smoking (or casually smoking pot) is the inward breath of smoke or fumes delivered by warming the blossoms, leaves, or concentrates of cannabis and delivering the primary psychoactive synthetic, Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is retained into the circulation system through the lungs. Archeological proof demonstrates cannabis with significant levels of THC was being smoked at any rate 2,500 years ago.[1]

Notwithstanding being smoked and disintegrated, cannabis and its dynamic cannabinoids might be ingested, set under the tongue, or applied to the skin. The bioavailability qualities and impacts of smoking and disintegrating cannabis contrast from other cannabis utilization techniques in having a more fast and unsurprising beginning of effect.[2]

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1 Smoking strategies

1.1 Joint

1.2 Blunt

1.3 Pipe or bowl

1.4 Bubbler

1.5 Bong

1.5.1 Gravity bong

1.5.2 Waterfall (gravity) bong

1.6 Vaporizers

1.7 Spots

1.8 Hotboxing

2 Health impacts of smoking

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Smoking techniques

Sebsi, a Moroccan long-drawtube one-hitter.

Cannabis (maryjane) can be smoked in an assortment of line like executes made in various shapes and of various materials including hand pipes (“bowls”), water pipes (“bongs”), cigarettes (“joints”), or blunts.[3]


Principle article: Joint (cannabis)

Joint is a slang term for a cigarette loaded up with cannabis rather than tobacco. Then again, for the most part in Europe, joints may contain tobacco (ordinarily named “a spliff”, yet not to be mistaken for the Jamaican expression Spliff, which alludes to a huge joint) or different non-addictive herbs.[4] Sometimes a joint will contain kief or hashish; hashish can be warmed and made to disintegrate before situation inside the joint. Exceptionally made moving papers are frequently utilized in industrialized nations; in any case, reused earthy colored paper and paper are usually utilized in the creating world.[5] Modern papers are currently produced using a wide assortment of materials including rice, hemp, soy, and flax.[6] A joint ordinarily contains 250–750 mg net load of cannabis as well as fillers.[7]


Principle article: Blunt (cannabis)

A dull is cannabis moved with a stogie covering (for the most part tobacco leaf, which contains nicotine).[8] Blunts are regularly made with obtuse wraps: tobacco-based wraps — frequently seasoned — that are identified with the wraps utilized on an unpolished stogie and are regularly used to move cannabis

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