Understanding the Different Types of Poker Bonuses

Not all poker bonuses are explained up front by websites. There are some that you can only claim if you know the appropriate code to unlock them. It’s therefore important that you keep yourself updated with the latest bonus news and codes online.

Sign Up Bonuses

Poker websites are always eager to welcome new players to the fold, and one incentive they’re quick to offer is a sign up bonus. By signing up an account in a poker website, you’re usually awarded a certain amount of money or points which you can use for playing.

Sign up bonuses may or may not be matched. A matched sign up bonus will require you to deposit a certain amount of money. Other sign up bonuses will not require you to deposit money, but it will require you to bet a certain amount of money on the table or accumulate a certain number of game points by playing.

Sign up bonuses often have expiration dates so make sure how long you can avail of whatever sign up bonus you receive. If you’re thinking of opening different accounts to get as many sign up bonuses as possible, think again. A lot of websites run a check by using your credit card details. Even if you use a different credit card or account, they’ll still be able to track you down and then you risk having your account suspended.

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