A Clubhopping Bachelorette Party

Some Bachelorette parties can be pretty naughty and rowdy. If you are looking to throw this kind of party for the Bride-to-be, then you’ll definitely want to throw the traveling kind of party.

In this bachelorette theme you hire a limo and take the gals out on a night on the town. Since the bride’s club-hopping days are soon to be over you’ll want to do as much hopping at the different clubs and bars as you can.

Before you get the bride into the limo, give her a white tee shirt covered in lifesavers. You can get the lifesavers to stick to the shirt by wetting one side with water and pressing them on the fabric then letting them dry. On the front and the back of the shirt write in large marker, ‘One dollar for one suck!’ During the entire night her goal will be to try and get all the lifesavers sucked off her shirt by the guys at the various clubs you hang out at. Sure it’s naughty but this is what you’re looking for. Plus the bride gets to keep the money she earns from guys paying to have a chance to suck lifesavers of her shirt. So the more lifesavers you put on the shirt the more money she has a chance to make.

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