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The fundamental room of a studio condo in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. The sofabed is to one side and a little anteroom on the left. Not demonstrated are the little kitchen and restroom.

A studio loft, otherwise called a studio level (UK), an independent loft (Nigeria), proficiency condo, bed-sitter (Kenya) or unhitched male loft, is a little condo (infrequently an apartment suite) in which the typical elements of various rooms – frequently the lounge, room, and kitchen – are consolidated into a solitary room.


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The studio condo is a loft with a solitary room. They are otherwise called single-room residences or studio pads. A studio loft ordinarily comprises of one huge room that fills in as the consolidated living, feasting, and room. A variety, now and then called an “recess studio”, may have a little independent zone; this wing or niche is off the principle territory, and can be utilized for eating or dozing. The condo’s kitchen offices might be found either in the focal room or in a little discrete region. The washroom is as a rule in its own more modest room, while the latrine can be isolated.

Studio condo sizes change impressively by nation.

A studio condo contrasts from a bedsitter in the United Kingdom or single room inhabitance (SRO) unit in the United States, in that a SRO doesn’t normally contain a kitchen or restroom. Restroom offices are imparted to numerous units on the lobby.

Worldwide varieties


In Argentina, a studio condo is designated “monoambiente” (in Spanish, “Mono” is one and “ambiente” is room).

Basic territory of a studio in Bangladesh (2016)


In Brazil, a studio condo is called quitinete (from kitchenette). It is fundamentally made out of one room, one washroom, and a kitchen, which is regularly in a similar space as the room. Recently, recently fabricated quitinetes are beginning to be designated “studios”, for the advanced allure English as an unknown dialect has.

Cuisinette studio in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada (2010)


In Canada, a lone wolf loft, or just “unhitched male,” is the basic term in Canadian English for any single room staying unit which is anything but a shared convenience. A shared room, or especially little single guy, is now and then alluded to as a “lone rangeress.” Residents of the region of Quebec (most in French) broadly utilize the expression “studio” or “one and a half”.

Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, garsoniéra, frequently alluded to as garsonka, (from French “garçon”, which means kid, youngster, lone ranger) is a one room condo with isolated washroom and WC, shortened as 1+0, once in a while it is 1 stay with independent restroom and WC and kitchenette, condensed 1+KK.


In Denmark, they allude to a studio loft as a 1 room condo (1 værelses lejelighed). A studio loft isn’t to be mistaken for an examination condo in Danish, which is facilities that you are possibly permitted to lease on the off chance that you are an understudy. These are frequently exceptionally modest yet in a somewhat decent condition, near an advanced education office and little. Infrequently bigger than 40 square meters.

Square of studio pads in Vantaa, Finland (2018)


In Germany, studio lofts are called Einzimmerwohnungen (“Ein” signifies one, “Zimmer” signifies room, and “Wohnung” signifies condo).

Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, studio condo is a little loft around 10 square meters (110 sq ft) likewise of restroom and kitchen can cost up to 20 thousand USD.[citation needed] The size of the living zone could be simply around a vehicle leave size.[1]


In India, studio condos all in all are called one room kitchen (1RK) loft highlighting a foyer with a room with a washroom and joined kitchenette to the corridor generally utilized by a couple of individuals or a little family going from 200 to 450 square feet (19 to 42 m2).


In Italy, Italians call them “monolocale”, signifying “one room”. There is just one stay with a kitchenette, and a different restroom.


In Jamaica, studio condos are regularly alluded to as quads, and are a typical component in Eastern Kingston. They for the most part comprise of one primary room, going about as the parlor, lounge area and room. The kitchen exists inside a similar room, with parceling divider. The restroom is in a more modest room, without anyone else. These studio lofts commonly accompany sufficient yard space and washing offices (on the outside). They have a bed, an oven and a TV as well.


Japan has a much more modest variety of the studio condo known as the one room chateau.


In Kenya, they are normally known as a bed-sitter. What could be compared to 48.61 – 97.22 US dollars. They are basic spots for youngsters to live when they begin working.

New Zealand

In New Zealand, studio lofts are known as studio rooms, and they oftentimes include a room with study territory and an en-suite washroom. Spaces, for example, kitchen, parlor and feasting territory are common between others remaining in that condo.


In Nigeria, Studio condos are known as “room self-contain lofts”. These lofts commonly have a solitary room, which fills in as the parlor and room, a kitchen, a restroom and a latrine (which is regularly converged with the bathroom).[2] This type of lodging is very not the same as Face to Face lodging, which are typically assembled confronting one another, and with shared toilet(s), bathroom(s) and kitchen space.[3]

North Macedonia

In North Macedonia, garsonjera (Гарсоњера) got from the French “garçonnière”. Typically a one room in addition to isolate restroom, once in a while with an exceptionally little, separate kitchen.


In Norway, studio condos in are classified “1-romsleilighet”, “one-room-loft” in English, since they tally both the parlor and the rooms. Subsequently a condo with one room is known as a “two-room-loft” (2-romsleilighet).


In Portugal, studio lofts are assigned T0 (T-Zero). This assignment follows the Portuguese house characterization framework, where condos are grouped by their typology as Tx, with the “x” speaking to the quantity of free rooms. On account of the T0, the “0” implies that the condo has no free rooms.


In Poland, studio lofts are designated “kawalerka” (from “kawaler” – a lone wolf).


In Romania, studio loft is known as “garsonieră”, a word got from the French “garçonnière”. They are generally one room in addition to a different washroom, now and then with a little, separate kitchen.


In Singapore, studio lofts, with regards to Singapore’s public lodging, are pads that are explicitly worked by the Housing and Development Board to take into account the developing senior resident population.[4] One should be at any rate 55 years of age to buy these studio condos. Since August 2015, the plan was supplanted by 2-room Flexi pads, which gives seniors the adaptability to choose a rent period that suits them best.[5]


In Slovakia, studio condos are called garsoniéra, frequently alluded to as garzónka or in some cases garzónka, a word from French “garçon”, which means kid. This kind of studio loft is typically a one room condo where lounge and kitchenette is joined into one room. Restroom and latrine are generally isolated. On the off chance that the kitchen is isolated by a divider or entryways, it’s called 1+1. Studio lofts in Slovakia can for the most part be found in Slovak lodging domains (sídlisko), however they may likewise be in different spots.

South Korea

In South Korea, studio condos are called officetels or one rooms.


In Sweden, studio lofts are called an etta, “a one”. As a rule between 20–40 m².

“Tea in the Bedsitter” by Harold Gilman (1916)

Joined Kingdom

In the United Kingdom (British), a studio level is generally a solitary live with cooking offices which has its own restroom joined. Generally, if a residence has a shared restroom, it is known as a bedsit. This qualification is experienced less oftentimes, as are bedsits themselves (particularly in enormous urban areas) because of the results of the Housing Act 1989 deterring property managers from offering this once broad sort of convenience.

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