Top Semi Automatic Espresso Machines Reviewed

With life running at an ever faster pace coffee houses have become quite popular. Most of the drinks are espresso based, using a shot or multiple shots to create your favorite drinks. If you go regularly you probably know each one of those shots makes your drink cost more. Add in other things like milk, soy milk, flavorings or anything else will cost you even more.

What can make espresso drinks cost less?

The best way to drive the cost of your favorite espresso drinks down, is to learn how to make them at home. The problem is that you need to have an espresso machine to make these beverages. If you are ready to start an adventure and learn how to create your own espresso the way most baristas do, then you need a semi-automatic machine.

What is a semi-automatic espresso machine?

A semi automatic machine does not control all the features. You will have to grind your espresso beans and tamp the coffee. Learning the correct grind setting and how to compress your coffee to the right degree will create a brilliant and beautiful cup of espresso. While it is more work to learn the payoff is bigger as you are able to control more features for a unique and personal espresso experience. The next paragraphs cover three top semi-automatic espresso machines reviewed.

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