5 Easy Ways to Practice 2nd Grade Spelling Words

Helping your student practice their 2nd grade spelling words is not only necessary, it can help them become better readers. Also, knowing words on sight can build confidence as your child is required to write more. Lastly, getting 100% on a spelling test can make your child feel pretty special so make sure you post those grades on the refrigerator for some positive reinforcement.

Tip #1 – Read. Reading to your child or having them read to you is by far one of the best ways for your child to become better at spelling. They become familiar with the words and the intricacies of the English language. Let you child pick books of interest from the public library, the school library or purchase grade level appropriate books. Many books have grade levels on the front cover which makes it easy for parents to know which books will be right for their child.

Tip #2 – Create Your Own Books. Get just five pages of paper and staple them together. Ask your child to write the story and illustrate it. You can help them with spelling and writing, but they should be doing the physical writing of the book. This allows their brain to remember the letters and spelling of words.
Tip #3 – Make A Card Game. It’s easy to make a card game like Go Fish or Memory out of spelling words. Create a template in Microsoft Word or a similar program and type the weekly words in, print them and cut them out. You can get creative if you have time and add clip art. Have a younger child? Save the cards because you might end up with the same lists for them someday!

Tip #4 – Practice Spelling Online. There are many online spelling games available, some of which are even free. On some sites, you can use your own lists from your school. Take advantage of your child’s comfort with computers to have them play a few games everyday online instead of simply writing the words out which can be tedious and boring.

Tip #5 – Use Speech Recognition. Many computers come with Speech Recognition software ready to be installed. You can set it up for free and if you have a child who learns verbally, they might like try using the spelling feature so they don’t have to type. As you tell them the words, they would spell them into the microphone as they are typed onto the screen. For Microsoft users, you go to Start > Control Panel > Speech Recognition Options to set up the program.

2nd grade spelling words are usually harder and more complex than first grade. By trying a few of the tips above, you can help your child learn his spelling words in no time. Mix it up a little so your kids don’t get bored and try to have fun. Spelling can build confidence in reading and writing so take some time to practice with your children.

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