Entrepreneurial dreams

Balance. The struggle between being who you are, doing what you love, and supporting what you believe in. This was my challenge – to manage all that life is offering me. Should I chase my entrepreneurial dreams? Should I allow more time to my passion of painting? Should I continue my prominent feminist and activist roles in my community and on this earth?
Yes, yes, and YES!

Swish! Swish! That’s the sound of my number fourteen Pébéo paintbrush smearing yellow ochre colors on my crisp, white canvas. My right hand moving swiftly as if it was dancing across the deep blue sea. Characters are being formed and rhythms are being created. As I am constructing my work of art, my mind quickly bounces back in time to when I was a college student studying Africana Women’s Studies and Entrepreneurship. My love for women’s studies, feminism, and activism was starting to reflect in my painting. Beautiful silhouettes swaying in motion symbolizing freedom, African symbols to represent my lineage, and bright colors to signify my support in the fight for environmental justice. My painting was coming to life. Oh, yes, this would be a masterpiece in my opinion (and mind).

As my entrepreneur niche kicked in, several thoughts formed in my mind like a path; I am an innovator with the ability to produce and convert new ideas. I can incorporate art and activism into a successful business. I can be a business woman with multiple elements. I can have stability while utilizing my talents in life. I can use my entrepreneurial instincts and habits to create a foundation for a life with unlimited prospects. In this moment, I realized my parallel tri-life of being an entrepreneur, artist, and activist was weaving itself together like a fabric machine.

Swish! Swish! That is the sound of my business being created. That is the sound of me hanging my painting in an immaculate museum space. That is the sound of me supporting what I believe in. That is the sound of balance in the life of an entrepreneur, artist, and activist.

This is my daily life. I have never felt better about being the person I was created to be. We are all multiple mixtures of different components. This is my testimony, that with full focus, all things are possible; even if people tell you otherwise. My life is balance and the ‘tri-life’ is my life.

Schree Chavdarov uses her background in social justice to connect communities to their most valuable resources. Her experience brought her from grant-writing for the Louisiana Bucket Brigade in New Orleans to serving as community arts coordinator for LEAF Community Arts in Asheville, NC. Schree is also currently enrolled in the Masters of Entrepreneurship Degree Program at Western Carolina University.

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